Helo The Business

This is just a short 5 minute overview of Wor(l)d if you would like to see our 30 minute video about the business pleas let me know and I'll send you a link. Contact to view 30 minute business overview

Income Disclosure Notice

Talk to us about the best way to start. Contact us now to get your questions answered WOR(l)D Global Network (WGN) is unique,and offers you the lifestyle and security you desire. The products are revolutionary. The compensation plan is revolutionary.

Plus WGN is a category creator!​

  • No competitors
  • No joining fee
  • No re-qualifications required
  • No chargeback on monthly's
  • No monthly shipping charges
  • Category creator
  • 195 countries opened 
  • 21% binary
  • $600,000 weekly maximum
  • Cheque  Match 10 generations
  • Diamond Trips
  • Luxury Car Bonuses
  • USA Publicly listed company
  • Unbelievable Retention
  • FREE luxury smartphone after 12 months (optional)
  • FREE latest wearable technology after 12 months (optional)
  • Protection plan on products (optional)
What other company offers to replace your products with the new updated version every year.​​

Becoming a Loyalty Member is optional, and all Loyalty Membership benefits are included for free for a period of one month, after you register with WGN. Members who choose to continue as Loyalty Members will pay a monthly fee of US$59 and will qualify to earn all commissions. This Membership includes:​- 

  • Earn commissions & keep sales volume
  •  HELO service: Guardian (5 Helo users)
  •  HELO service: WeCare (5 Helo users)
  •  HELO service: SOS (5 Helo users)
  • Cloud Storage (256G/512G) SpaceMeet 1000 seat webinar
  • Protection Plan for HELO and INFOLIO Phone
  • Earn an extra 1% TVC in your Loyalty Box annually
  • FREE HELO annually
  • FREE INFOLIO phone annually

As this is literally a worldwide company everything is quoted in dollars the currency of international businesses. 

Total Value: Over $1,299 + 1% Loyalty Box -- Your Cost only $708 ($59 x 12)- $59 provides 30sv($6) + $6 Fast Start! (Revolutionary!)- Chance to earn watches, rings, unlimited private jet travel, luxury holidays and more.