Looking at the Future

  Eliminating Repetition 

Artificial Intelligence may be able to replace repetition in jobs by searching through images and data to find problems. In this case, specialists can focus on cases where AI shows human supervision or research may be necessary.

  More Precise

AI may also be able to look at genetics and search for genetic mutations or links to diseases. Computer simulations can predict what may happen when DNA is altered, either naturally or as part of treatment.

  Better Supplements

Creating supplements can take decades, and involves time-consuming research and trials. Computers can now be used to search for treatments from sequences of molecular structures. Recently, AI was used to search for an Ebola cure and found 2 options to reduce infectivity. This was done in less than a day, as opposed to the years it may have taken previously.

  Better Decisions for Better Wellness

When people refer to an open AI ecosystem, they are referring to the idea that with so much data now available, as well as improvements to natural speech processing and other developments, AI will become more and more useful to everyday consumers.This is especially true in the wellness and medicine industries. With so much data like patient records and family histories combined with things like daily trackers, this data can help people make healthier and smarter decisions. It can also help those in the wellness industry, design plans based on individual patients and their needs.