Efficiency with A.I.

  More efficient in Wellness

Utilizing AI in healthcare may have the ability to give better treatment plans or understand patients more fully. This type of technology may provide all the information a physician may need to make more accurate decisions.This isn’t some distant pipe dream either. Many in the industry believe AI will make a huge difference in the next few years.Just some of the companies working on AI for the healthcare industry include Hitachi Data Systems, Luminoso, Alchemy API, Digital Reasoning, Highspot, Lumiata, Sentient Technologies, Dell, Next IT, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Enterra, IPSoft, and now WOR(l)D Global Network.

  Redesigning Wellness

Through Artificial Intelligence Although there are a few examples of AI already helping the wellness industry, they will only make huge improvements if they are available to mainstream consumers, not simply the wealthiest medical institutions or the smartest experts.

Mining records

Managing Big Data and helping streamline it and make it more understandable and usable is one area in which AI has already helped wellness. We are approaching the same with the upcoming 

Better Suggestions

Better understanding of data may help provide better suggestions plans for users. Combining a users’s file, data, and research, AI may be able to better provide a personalized improvement plan.